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INNORS Co., Ltd. is a wireless communication specialist with an extensive experience in providing RF systems, embedded systems, and engineering services to its customers. Since it was founded in 2002, the company has been providing a wide range of services required by customers in the industrial, defense, and commercial markets.

In the mobile communication market, the company has developed a repeater, which is a cell extension system, to support such protocols like CDMA, GSM, WCDMA, and LTE, and is supplying it to global customers. The company also provides consulting services related to cell coverage installation and support equipment.

In the defense market, INNORS Co., Ltd. develops and supplies the high technology products conforming to customer requirements based on the key RF design technology and signal processing technology. Using these technologies, the company developed the tactical radio for C4I communication as well as broadband products and surveillance sensors for electronic warfare systems.

We have more know-how from commercial to defense applications than any other companies, and can satisfy the performance requirements of our customers. As such, we have customers all over the world.

INNORS Co., Ltd. is committed to provide the best service possible under the motto that the customer’s mission is our mission. The business of INNORS is built on trust and passion.